It’s Winter in Seattle which means the weather is super unpredictable. Really, you cannot trust any report given. Yesterday morning there was frost on the ground until the sun was high enough to melt it. By afternoon, I didn’t even have to wear a coat outside. Sometimes it snows in Winter here. Sometimes it snows on Halloween, and sometimes it snows on Easter. YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYTHING.

Winter weather in Seattle. You just can’t trust it.

This makes planning outdoor portrait sessions a real gamble from November through March. I grew up here in the Pacific Northwest, so most of the time when I gamble with the weather, I win.  Sometimes, though, my clients and I don’t feel like taking that gamble. We want a controlled environment for their pet where we can sip coffee and work in slippers instead of rubber boots. Okay, it’s not about the shoes, but it IS about what’s best for my clients and their pets. Aside from the weird weather of Winter, in-home studio sessions are great for both dogs and cats (and other small pets you might have), especially if they are nervous about environments outside of their home.

Behind the scenes shot from Jack and Kerouac’s buddy portrait!

My studio is portable, so if your dog or cat does best at home, I bring the studio to you. Really, you don’t have to worry about packing up your pet and taking them to a strange place. I take my time, so they can sniff all the things, and then we have fun capturing portraits of them that will make you so happy you might burst! We can plan out your session ahead of time, so if you’re feeling like bringing out a particular mood in your pet’s portraits, we set up backgrounds and utilize “props” or wardrobe that works with that. Sometimes, though, we just go with the flow, and let your pet lead the way with their adorableness.

Another fun thing about studio sessions is that if you have a particular concept in mind, we can work together to make it happen. About a month ago, I had this idea about an image I wanted to create. I was thinking about how I wanted to focus more on things that I love this year, so creating an image that included some of my favorite things sounded like a cool idea. I have a collection of books written by Kurt Vonnegut. I actually have multiple copies of some of his books because I found them in used books stores on different trips. My husband has his own collection, including a first edition printing of Galapagos that I found when we first started dating. I gave it to him on his birthday that first year, which is huge because I had been searching for a first edition of Galapagos for a while.  Anyway, I wanted to photograph my favorite girl in the whole wide world (my dog, Kerouac) with my favorite books because it seemed like a fun idea.

My favorite things. Kerouac the dog and (part of) my Vonnegut library.

I’m having this portrait printed BIG to hang in my office. I love it so much.

I realize that with the rise of Instagram, images of dogs out hiking  in incredible landscapes are super popular. I totally get it. I love capturing those moments, but if you are not the hiking type (or even if you are), studio portraits are just as amazing.

So, if you could have one amazing portrait created of your pet, what would you want to feel when you looked at it? Better yet, what if you could have an entire book full of amazing portraits of your pet?

We can do this together, in the comfort of your home, while the weather stays weird here in Seattle.

Stay warm PNWers.





For more information about booking your pet’s in-home studio session, you can call Marika at (360) 941-3588 or email her at marika@dirtiedogphotography.com


Pets nearing the end of their journey take priority in my schedule. If you're in need of a photo session ASAP, let's get you to the front of the line.