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How will you tell your pet's story?

Pet photography pricing and session information to help you visualize what’s possible for your story session experience with Dirtie Dog Photography.


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Your pet’s story creates connection.

Imagine sitting down with someone you love to experience your pet’s story.

You sit together, turning the pages of your portrait book to reveal the joy your pet brings to the world. With each photo sharing a piece of your pet’s personality, you smile and laugh while recalling the magic of that day.

The gifts you receive from this level of connection to your pet’s story and the people you share it with are immeasurable.

Your pet is a work of art.

The walls of your home are meant to protect you from the elements of the world beyond them, but they can do so much more than that.

They can hold and display colors to brighten your days.

They can support shelves and mantles where you store pieces of the world that remind you of who you are.

Most importantly, they can be where you look to remember those you love.

Your pet’s photos belong on your walls where they can brighten your day and remind you of what matters most.

Capture their joy in photos

so you can stay connected to them forever.

If you could hold onto and share what you love most about your pet, what would that look like for you?


How would you want to experience connecting to those things you love about them?


Would you want to look up at a collection of photos hanging on your wall as you come home from work? Each one of them displaying a unique side of your pet’s personality and zest for life?


Would you want to sit down with a friend to share stories about the pet you love while turning the pages of a beautiful book full of photos that capture their spirit?



All of this is possible, and we can start now.



Book a consultation to learn more about pricing for pet photography and to start your story session experience.


*Sessions start at $1290.00, and most clients fall in love with enough photos for a book and wall art. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1290.00 for your session and a single wall art piece up to $7,000+ for a book and collection of wall art pieces. How much you spend depends on how many images and which type of art you choose. 

Let’s have a chat to find out what will work best for you and your pet.

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Location. Light. Love

There are a lot of things that go into creating a beautiful Story Session Experience for you and your pet, but our three big ones are Location, Light & Love.


No matter where we end up going for your session, one thing is for certain: it’s going to be amazing.

Sessions can take place just about anywhere in the Greater Seattle Area. Your favorite park, dog-friendly beach, around your neighborhood or your own back yard are all full of possibilities for creating beautiful photos. Travel outside of the Greater Seattle Area is also an option if you’re up for an adventure. Mileage and overnight accommodation fees may apply depending on how far your chosen location is from North Seattle.

Not sure where you’d like to have your session? No problem. We work together to find the perfect spot where your pet will be happy to be doing the things they love.


Sunrise and sunset illuminate the beauty in our world, and give us the most incredible light for photos that take your breath away. This is why all of our outdoor location sessions take place within 2 hours after sunrise or before sunset. There are exceptions for our cloudy Pacific Northwest days and studio sessions, but for the most part, your Story Session will be booked with that magic light in mind.


We are here to celebrate the love you have for your pet. That is at the heart of everything, and we will make sure to create a stress-free, joy-filled experience that will leave you feeling amazing. 


Your pet’s story can be told a number of ways.

Impact on your walls.

Whether you opt for a single impact piece or a collection, displaying your favorite photos from your pet’s session on your walls creates an environment where you can feel close to them, always.


Available as canvas, metal or framed prints.

Starts at $1000

Connection in your hands.

The ultimate companion in story-telling, the portrait book keeps you connected to your pet’s story while allowing you plenty of opportunity to share their joy with those you love.


Available in select portrait collections.

Starts at $4375 for 25 images

Joy on your tabletop.

Small works of art like the acrylic block and matted prints help to remind you every day of the joy your pet brings to your life. They also make fantastic gifts for your pet’s biggest fans.


Available as an add-on to wall art and portrait collection purchases.

Starts at $350

How it Works

The Consultation

Let’s begin the process of telling your pet’s story.

During your initial consultation, I want to hear as much about you and your pet as you’d like to share. We can discuss all the details that go into telling their story, so any questions you have will be answered in this meeting. Consultations take place via a virtual meeting over Zoom.

When you decide to book your portrait session I send a contract and invoice for your session fee via email.

The Session

Where would you like your story to be captured?

All sessions take place on location whether we take advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery or capture your pet in the comfort of their home. Using both natural and studio lighting, the portraits created will be stunning representations of the animal you love. 

The Selection

How will you enjoy your portraits?

One of the most exciting steps of your portrait experience is the day you get to see your portraits for the first time. In this appointment, we meet again over Zoom to look through a gallery of your finished images. I walk you through each product collection option, and help you decide how your images will look their best. By the end of this appointment you will have decided on a collection and/or a la carte items and you’ll place and pay for your order.

The Delivery

Your portraits are ready to enjoy!

The best day of all is the day you receive your finished, printed portraits. Some specialty items take a bit longer to create, so I tell my clients to expect their printed portraits to be ready between 4 and 6 weeks after their order has been paid in full and any designs have been approved. I check each item to be sure it looks beautiful, and then arrange for pickup or delivery of your finished order!

Digital collections are delivered via online gallery once your order is paid in full.


Truly a piece of art.

I never imagined the end product could look so perfect. Very high quality work!


– Jasmine (Pumpkin & Peekaboo’s mom)

Fun to share her story.

I am so grateful to have such fantastic images of her that capture her true personality that I can keep forever.


– Becky (Piper’s mom)

Perfect captures.

Not only did Gibson shine, but the photos of my husband are authentic to him and perfect captures of this slice of life. 


– Javila (Gibson’s mom)

Frequenty Asked Questions

Will I be in the photos with my pet?

You are absolutely a part of your pet’s story, so if you would like to be included in the session, you are welcome! There are many ways to capture the relationship between you and your pet, so we can discuss how you would like to be included at your consultation.

My dog cannot go to dog parks, or be off leash. What do we do?
That’s totally okay! Many of my sessions take place on leash in beautiful spaces. The safety of your pet is most important which is why I do leash removal in post-production. An in-home environmental or studio style session might be a great fit for you and your pet if you aren’t ready for an outdoor session.

I can never get good photos of my pet because they are too crazy. How do you do it?

This is a common concern of first time clients. We love our free-spirited pets, but it makes it hard to capture their sweet faces when they are bouncing around so much. Luckily, I am a professional photographer equipped with not only the proper equipment, but the knowledge to create beautiful portraits of even the wildest pets. I’m also a free-spirited animal, so I am always up for the challenge.

I have an indoor only cat that HATES leaving the house. What kind of session will work for me?
I come to you! I have found that cats do best in their own environments. My studio is portable, so if you are hoping for portraits of your cat on white, black or another backdrop, I set up right in your home. In-home sessions are wonderful because we can create a mix of environmental and studio style portraits.

My dog is not trained. At all. Can you still take their portraits?
An untrained dog can still have beautiful portraits taken. I do recommend that for your dog’s best interest and safety,  you take some time to work on basic commands. There are many wonderful trainers in the greater Seattle area who can help you and your dog become a wonderful team.

I just found out that my pet has only a short amount of time left. Is it possible to book an emergency session?
First, I am so very sorry for what you are going through. Yes, it is possible to book an emergency session. I encourage you to email and call me as soon as possible so that we can schedule a Legacy session for you and your pet.


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Pets nearing the end of their journey take priority in my schedule. If you're in need of a photo session ASAP, let's get you to the front of the line.