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It’s National Pet Week, so today I want to inspire all of you to pick something special to do for or with your beloved pets. You don’t have to get crazy. You just have to be there. Here are five things that Kerouac and I did today to start the celebration.


1. Forget the plan, and go on an adventure.

As I was getting ready to go to the gym this morning, I realized that the last thing I wanted to do was to go run on a machine in a room full of sweaty humans. I needed to get outside, and I wanted to take my puppy girl with me. After breakfast, we loaded up the car, and headed to the forest.


2. Remember the days when we were so young.

When Kerouac was a puppy, she loved to chase the waves crashing on the shoreline of the beach where we lived. She would run back and forth until she was too tired to stand. I saw that puppy in her this morning when we first set foot on the beach, and my heart skipped at the thought of how many wonderful years we have had together.


3. Take care of each other.

After our peaceful morning hike through the forest and along the beach, Kerouac and I were pretty exhausted. She took a nap, and I decided it was the perfect time to give her some nice brushing.


4. Be awesome.

Photos of Kerouac catching things is one of my favorite mini projects we do together. I take some every time I photograph her at home. She’s really great at catching, but sometimes when she misses, I get the best images.




5. Appreciate the magical moments even if they are small.

Clouds and trees and blue sky and the sun shining through water drops. They are all magical, but the one thing that makes it the best moment is my girl.






For more photographs of Kerouac celebrating National Pet Week, follow @dirtiedogphotography on Instagram.