Hello Limelight Pet Project Partners!
Thank you for being here to help us shine the light on harder to adopt pets!

We love and miss spending time with all of our partners and the animals you support, but we know that the most important thing right now is that we all stay home.  In order to continue to tell the stories of animals in need during the statewide “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, we have pivoted our process from in person interviews and portrait sessions. We are excited to announce that for the time being, we will be conducting all interviews virtually, and we have created videos to guide you in capturing photographic and video content of the pets in your care. 

Please take a look at the following videos for more information about how you can help us!

Capturing Videos And Photos with The Limelight Pet Project. 

There are three things to keep in mind when capturing video and photos to help tell the stories of the pets we feature in The Limelight Pet Project: the tools you’ll use (that you already have available to you), the lighting you’ll look for, and the way you’ll frame your shots. We talk about all of these things in the videos, but here are some basic points you can use to guide you.



  • Camera (phone)
  • Toys and/or treats
  • Leash if going for a walk around your neighborhood



  • Window light for indoors (if possible)
  • Open shade is always best if shooting outdoors during midday bright sun. (if possible avoid bright, direct sunlight and backlighting)


  • Camera orientation (horizontal)
  • Be aware of everything that is included within the frame.
  • Try to get the pet’s face in the frame as much as possible.
  • If possible, try to avoid distracting backgrounds and remove any clutter.


Video clips are meant to represent some of the things you’ve shared about the pet in your interview. Their favorite things to do, silly quirks and anything that helps viewers feel a connection to the pet.

Things to consider when capturing video clips

  • 15 to 60 second clips are perfect
    • Video of the pet walking toward the camera (on leash if on a walk, or off leash if in a fenced backyard or inside the home)
    • Video of the pet playing with their favorite toys
    • Video of the pet being loved on
    • Video of the pet eating their favorite treat
    • Video of the pet doing any tricks they know
    • Movement in general is great. If you can get a head tilt, that’s awesome!
  • We don’t worry too much about the audio for these clips, so it’s okay if there is outside noise.


Tips to help you take photos!

Please click the button below to access my guide to taking great portraits of dogs. These tips will work for cats too!

Pets nearing the end of their journey take priority in my schedule. If you're in need of a photo session ASAP, let's get you to the front of the line.