Mini Dachsund on a boat in Kirkland, Washington.

Celebrate the pets you love.

I don’t know about you, but for me, pets make everything better. 

They’ve helped all of us get through a lot over the past couple of years during lock downs, endless zoom calls, and the uncertainty of living through a pandemic. Whether we have pets of our own, or we’ve enjoyed our friends’ stories through our social media feeds, we’ve all benefited from the joys animals create in this world.

As we head into the season of giving, think about the pets you know, and the people whose lives have been comforted because of them. What do you think it would mean to those people to have an incredible experience tailored to celebrating the things they love about their pet? How would it feel for them to have a piece of artwork that honors the pet that is a part of their family? 

You can help them celebrate the pets they love through the gift of a pet photography experience with Dirtie Dog Photography.

Treat yourself or someone you love.

Special Edition Pet Photography Session Packages

A Dirtie Dog is a Happy Dog

This package is a great fit for someone who isn’t quite ready to commit to a collection of wall art or a portrait book experience.

‘A Dirtie Dog is a Happy Dog’ includes your five favorite portraits from your session matted and presented in a beautiful custom portrait box.

By committing to this package upfront, you are saving $650.

This package includes:

  • 60 minute on-location session for up to 2 pets
  • 5 matted prints presented in a 5×7 image box.
  • 5 corresponding social media files 

$950 plus sales tax

The package may be upgraded at the recipient’s ordering appointment.

2020 Holiday Special

This package is a great opportunity to give a complete portrait experience as a gift.

The 2020 Holiday Special includes one of our most-loved products,  the Acrylic Block Print (normally only available as an add-on to purchases over $1000).

This package includes:

– 60 minute on-location session for up to 2 pets
– 1 5×7 inch acrylic block print

$500 plus sales tax

* These session packages are special editions which means they are available at these prices for a limited time.

How it Works

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Step 3 – Email details

After you have paid your invoice, you will receive an email with instructions for receiving your purchased gift. Follow those instructions to move one step closer to victory!

Step 4 – Give the best gift ever

After you’ve sent all the details required from Step 3, your gift will be mailed to you, and you’ll get to prepare it any way you wish. Deliver your gift whenever you’re ready!

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Pets nearing the end of their journey take priority in my schedule. If you're in need of a photo session ASAP, let's get you to the front of the line.