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I’m Marika, the creator behind Dirtie Dog Photography. I capture the story of animals for the people who love them.


It’s not uncommon in the world of pet photography to learn that a lot of photographers have chosen this niche because they love animals, but mostly just tolerate people.


That is not what it is like for me. I love people.


The work I do is focused on photographing animals, but at the center of it all, it is about connecting with people through the stories of the animals they love.


When I first tell people that I am an animal photographer, they usually have one of two reactions if they are pet owners. Most of the time they will get really excited while pulling out their cell phones to show me photos of their pet. Other times, I will watch a look come over their face as if they are recalling a memory, and they say, “I wish you could have captured portraits of my pet before they passed away.”


This is the hardest part of having animals in our lives. They give us so many beautiful gifts, but eventually they leave us. It’s the worst part, but it doesn’t have to be the end of their story.


My hope is to create a way for my clients to connect with others, not only today, but throughout their lifetime by sharing the stories of the animals they love.


I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon, and helping you to tell their story through stunning visual artwork.




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A love you never grow out of.

A love you never grow out of.

I was three years old when I fell in love with horses. My parents like to tell the story of how they knew it was serious when I exclaimed,  “Never in my whole life, have I ever had a pony!” 

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There is beauty in Sadness.

There is beauty in Sadness.

My experience of grief after the death of my dog.

I’ve danced with sadness for most of my life. What I mean by that, is that for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt sadness waiting for me to embrace it. I’m not entirely sure that that is a bad thing, I just know that it took a long time to understand it. 

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Why not me.

Why not me.

Giving back where I belong.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

I believe these words with all of my heart. I don’t remember exactly when I knew something was missing from my life, but for many years I felt like I was searching for something to be a part of.

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