I’m here to help you hold onto the things you love about your pet so that you can reconnect with their story when you need it most.

I wish the animals we love would live forever.

I wish it, I wish it I WISH IT.

Every day, I look at my beautiful old girl, Kerouac, and I ask her to stay with me forever. I hold her face in my hands, look into her eyes and say, “Promise never to leave me, okay?”

And I know that that is an impossible promise for her to keep. I’ve been through the heartache of losing the animals I love before, and I know that I will go through it again.

It isn’t fun to talk about the inevitability of losing our pets, but I need to talk about it with you because this is why I am a pet photographer.

Every bit of joy and every bit of heartache that has come into my life by way of loving animals has empowered me to do the work I do for my clients.

Your pet’s story isn’t over when they leave this world. It lives on through you.


Marika Moffitt is the owner of Dirtie Dog Photography where she focuses on capturing the stories of animals for the people who love them. She has built her business focused on the ability to give back to her community, through working with local rescue organizations and creative collaborations with other pet-friendly businesses in the Seattle, Washington area. She is also the founder of Seattle Pet Collective (a podcast sharing the stories of people who are doing great work within the Seattle pet community) and the co-founder/producer of The Limelight Pet Project (a multimedia campaign shining the light on harder to adopt animals and the people who care for them).



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A love you never grow out of.

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There is beauty in Sadness.

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The Limelight Pet Project.

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