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Story-driven Pet Photography

for pets and their people in the Greater Seattle Area.


Your pets are your family. From the day they enter your life,

to the moment they leave it, their story is your story.

Your story is worth telling.


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Dirtie Dog Photography

 Capturing the story of animals for the people who love them in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond.

Joy is what we search for in our lives.

Not just fleeting moments of it, but deep joy that keeps us smiling even when we’re not at our best or strongest. The kind of joy that reminds us that being human is so very special, and being able to connect with something or someone outside of ourselves is one of the greatest experiences of all.

Our pets give us that joy.

In so many ways, they light up our lives to teach us what it means to love and be loved without abandon. They help to shape the story of our time here on earth, even when their time with us feels too short.

Their story doesn’t end when they leave this world. It lives on through us.

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